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Academy Award Night
Aircraft Carrier Enterprise
Andrews, Julie
Angeli, Pier (1))
Animals (1)
Animals (2)
Animals (3)
Arness, Jim
A Bomb Set-Up
Atom Bomb Blast
Audrey Hepburn
Autistic Children
Ball, Lucille
Benny, Jack
Bergman, Ingrid
Beverly Hillbillies
Black White on Grey
Blake, Amanda
Blind Twins
Carson, Johnny
Carson, "People"
Carson Memorial Photo
Central Park Lake, 1945

Civil War Veteran
Cohn, Harry
Constellation Engines
Cooke, Billy / Killer
Dandridge, Dorothy
Davis Jr., Sammy
Dean, James
Disney, Walt
Douglas, Kirk
Duchamp, Marcel
Duel In The Sun
Durante, Jimmy
Ekberg, Anita
Election Night, 1946
Faces At Santa Anita, 1947
First Word Processor
Flagpole Wedding (1)
Fokker Triplane downed
Fonda, Henry
Fonda, Jane (1)
Fonda, Jane (2)
Fonda,Jane (3)
Gable, Clark
Garland, Judy
Germany Surrenders
Gillespie, Dizzy
Gleason, Jackie
Graduation Day
Grant, Allan (1)
Grant, Allan (2)
Grant, Allan (3)
Gray and White
Head over Heels
Heat Wave, New York City
Hepburn, Audrey
Highway 30 1947
Holden, William
Holden, William & Sons
Honda Accord, year 2030
Hope, Bob
Hughes Constellation
Hudson, Rock
Japan Surrenders
Johnson, President
Jumbo Jet
Kaye, Danny
Kennedy Assassination
Kerr, Deborah
La Guardia, Mayor
Lancaster, Burt
Laurie, Piper
Lee, Peggy
Leigh, Janet
Maclaine & Daughter
Maclaine, Shirley / cover
Martin Dina
Martin, Dean
Martin, Dean - the family
Martin, Dean Paul
Martin, Joe 1946
Marx Brothers
Marx, Chico & Harpo
Message in a Bottle
Mimieux, Yvette (1)
Mimieux, Yvette (2)
Mimieux, Yvette (3)
Monroe, Marilyn (1)
Monroe, Marilyn (2)
Monroe, the story (3)
Nixon, Richard (1)
Nixon, Richard (2)
O'keeffe, Georgia
Olivier, Sir Laurence
Oswald's Daughter
Oswald, Marina (1)
Oswald, Marina(2)
Oswald, Secret Service
Peck, Gregory
Piaf, Edith
Plane Crash
Polish Airline
Russel, Jane
Roswell,"UFO Incident"
Salmon Digging Nest
Salmon Fisherman
Sandburg, Carol

Sinatra, Frank
Steel Strike, Pittsburgh
Stevens, George
Stewart, Jimmy
Surfers, Malibu Pier
Surfing the Web
Surf Fishing
Tate, Sharon
Taylor, Elizabeth
Tracy, Spencer
Troop Ship Korea
Troop Train
Turner, Lana Trial
U.S.S Enterprise
V.E. Day Times Square
War dead Returns
War Ends
Wayne, John
Welles, Orson
West's First Motel 1947
"What Color is the Wind?"
White on Black
Winters, Shelley
Wilding, Michael
Wood, Natalie
Wright, Frank Lloyd
X-15 / B-52 Lift Off
X-15, Test Flight

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