Most of the photographs you'll find on this site were taken for LIFE magazine over fifty years ago. At that time LIFE was published every week and sold at the news stand for ten cents a copy. It had a circulation of well over five million copies and was read, on average, by thirty million readers each week.
Incidentally, while your eyes scan the photographs, try to remember that "Digital Imaging" wasn't available at that time.- it came along some forty years later. From the forties through the sixties when a photographer clicked the shutter what he saw was pretty much what he captured on film. The picture at the right is an actual frame from a documentary film I made some thirty years ago. It was a lucky shot for me - the film titled "What Color Is The Wind?" was about a young blind boy named Lee who had a sighted twin brother, Jeff. I had been taking pictures of the twins for LIFE over a period of several months. Lee was aware of my presence and the fact that I was taking pictures each time I clicked the shutter. Some time later I asked Lee a curious question that was on my mind. "What would be the first thing you would like to see if you could eventually gain your sight.? He immediately said, "Pictures!". "Pictures of what...?", I asked. Lee thought a moment and said, sadly, "Pictures of anything."

Emmy Nominations
NBC Experiment In Television
April 1968
"What Color Is The Wind"
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Allan Grant
Producer / Cameraman
Outstanding Achievement By
Individuals in Cultural Documentaries &
Magazine Type Series
1968 -1969

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