"Speaking of Pictures"
In the early days of LIFE thousands of pictures arrived at the Time & Life Building from staff photographers, freelancers and everyone who owned a camera - all hoping to get published in LIFE. It was like getting one week of fame instead of the 15 minutes Andy Warhol talked about. The editors found a few of these images so striking or humorous that - although they could not be used in a story layout - they made a special section for them called "Speaking of Pictures" which usually ran up front for two to two and a half pages.

Man Standing On a Painting, 1956
Actress Survives Train Wreck, 1959
Lunch Break for Horror Movie Stars, 1961
Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone

"Dinner and A Movie" , 1948
Photographs for LIFE by Allan Grant (c) Time Inc.